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Looking to hire a Webflow Experts agency to design & develop an amazing website for your company? Search no more. Meet BRIX Agency, the team behind some of the most popular Webflow Templates.

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What we do?

Webflow Experts Agency

At BRIX Agency, we are a team of Webflow Experts that can design & develop an amazing, world-class Webflow website for your company.

Premium Design

We help you create a world-class website design that not only looks awesome, but also focuses on delivering the right brand message and increasing conversion rate.

Webflow Mobile Agency

Perfect Responsive

All the websites we design & develop are perfectly responsive, so your website offers a great browsing experience no matter on which device your users are browsing on.

Webflow Speed Optimization Agency

Speed Optimized

Everyone hates slow websites. That's why we optimize your Webflow website even to the smallest extent, so you never lose a client or lead due to a poor website speed.

Webflow CMS Agency

Webflow CMS

All our websites are built using Webflow CMS feature, so you can make updates to your website fast and easy, without even having any technical experience.

Webflow Design Agency

Modular Design

All our Webflow projects are completely modular, so you can duplicate and re-use sections to create and edit new pages without any extra work needed.

Webflow Interactions Agency

Integrations & Automation

We assist you to integrate your Webflow website with many No-Code tools, so you can save time and gain leverage through all kinds of smart automations.

Webflow Animations Agency

Beautiful Animations

We add beautiful appearance and interaction animations, so you can wow your users while they navigate through your website.

Enterprise Webflow Agency

Built for Scalability

Move fast and break things. We help you setup your Webflow website to be as flexible as possible, so you can iterate on ongoing basis to keep improving your website as you go.

Expert Webflow Agency

Webflow Experts

We had built 50+ Webflow websites and 30+ popular Webflow templates, so we have all experience you need to take your website from an idea, to a live world-class website.

Our Process

A simple process to launch your Webflow website

We take you by hand throughout our simple 5-step process to take you from an idea, to a fully live Webflow website.

Webflow Idea

1. Idea

We schedule a meeting with your team to get all the details about your Webflow project. After that, our team works together to create a detailed proposal and timeline for you.

2. Design

We start by creating a design mockup of your Webflow website and present it to you. Once the initial mockup is ready, we go into 3 rounds of revisions to perfect it.

3. Development

We build your Webflow website following the best web design & development practices, so you have a perfectly responsive, speed-optimized, SEO-friendly and super scalable website.

Professional Webflow Agency

4. Launch & Training

Once the Webflow build is ready, we help you to launch your new website. After that, we schedule a training call with your team to explain you how to edit, update and scale your new Webflow website.

5. Scale

We build with escalation in mind. Thanks to this, you and your team can create new pages, apply website updates, and much more. If needed, we are always ready to give you a hand.

Professional Webflow Experts

Smart integrations for your Webflow website

We assist you to integrate and automate your website through no-code tools like Zapier and Integromat.

Whether you need to set-up a basic email newsletter form to MailChimp, or to automate a Slack channel notification every time a new website lead is received, we got you covered.

NoCode Webflow Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Webflow Experts FAQs

Find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions we receive about our Webflow Experts agency. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Contact us.

How long has BRIX Agency been running for?

BRIX Agency has been doing web design & development for a little more than 7 years already. Throughout this time, we had done over of 100+ Webflow projects for clients, and 100+ Webflow templates.

Also, we had been part of the Webflow Experts Program since 2020 when it was officially launched by Webflow, inc.

How much is a Webflow website design & development?

Webflow is one of the most popular web design & development platforms of 2022, and because of that, the demand of designers & developers with experience on Webflow is very high.

By taking a look at the public data from the Webflow Experts program, the marketplace of freelancers and agencies created by the Webflow team, the average hourly rates range from $100 to $200 per hour, meaning a complete website design and development project on Webflow (including a range of 5 to 10 pages) could cost around $10 to 25k USD, depending on the Webflow freelancer or agency rates.

How long does it take to design & develop a Webflow website?

As on any other typical development platform, project durations typically depend on the scope of the project, however, Webflow is pretty popular because of it's agile form of development, which takes considerably less time than the average with other platforms as WordPress, or vanilla coding.

The average time for these type of projects with our Webflow Agency could be in the range of 4 to 8 weeks, however, the final project timeline will depend on your specific project requirements.

What is the monthly cost to maintain a Webflow website?

Unlike many other development frameworks like WordPress or Drupal, Webflow doesn't require ongoing updates or security patches, because all the platform is managed and automatically updated by the Webflow platform.

Thanks to this, maintenance costs required are very low in comparison with other platforms and tech stacks.

The only costs associated with each Webflow website are the Webflow plan accounts and Webflow hosting packages, which depending on which plans are chosen, can be in the range of $25 to $100 USD per month.