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We are not just an agency, we are a studio of creatives that build amazing products for startups, companies, and ourselves.

About BRIX Agency

The story started 8 years ago

Since 2015 we have designed amazing sites, collaborated on great projects, and helped hundreds of companies launch world-class websites.

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Team of Developers at BRIX Agency
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Team of Designers at BRIX Agency

Our accomplishments

If you are so great at something, while only doing it for others? That is why in 2020 we started building our own digital products.

100+ Webflow templates

We have hundred of premium Webflow templates loved by thousands of users.

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50+ Figma cloneables

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Webflow Award

Webflow Template Developer of the year

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250,000+ downloads in Figma Community

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10,000+ monthly blog readers

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HubSpot Award for BRIX Agency

Highest rated HubSpost theme

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And more coming soon!

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The values that drive everything we do

If you are so great at something, while only doing it for others? That is why in 2020 we started building our own products.

Prime Quality - BRIX Agency Value

Prime quality

We main goal is to to elevate our work quality every day, and to always produce work that makes us feel proud and satisfied.

Perpetual Refinement - BRIX Agency Value

Perpetual refinement

We believe there are always better ways to do things, and we thrive to discover them every day. How we work today is very different from how we worked last year.

Never-ending Exploration - BRIX Agency Value

Never-ending exploration

There is not a single day that we don’t visit ProductHunt to discover new tech products, or Science.org to learn about the latest scientific papers in quantum physics.

Meticulous Precision - BRIX Agency Value

Meticulous precision

Doing things fast is important, but we believe doing them precisely is even more important. In an age of leverage, working smart is much better than working fast without a clear direction.

Automation - BRIX Agency Value


Humans are no robots, so they should do creative work, not machines' work. That is why we constantly take advantage of AI to automate all non-essential work and focus on the important things.